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Villamartin golf club newsletter November 2017
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Dear Members,
this Newsletter has a lot of important information. Please take some time and read it through!

We are now in a difficult month. November is a month when a vast majority of the members are here and at the same time greenfee players are using 100% of their available tee times which means a very busy course. Furthermore this is the month when daylight is reduced with one hour! These facts will impact some of the issues below.

The Course
The condition of the course is good. With new maintenance equipment even our bunkers have reached an almost acceptable standard! Please let us all help the maintenance staff by always raking the bunkers!
However, every year at this time we have serious problems with the tees. Many meetings with and proposals to Campo de Golf during the years doesn´t seem to help The answers we get is that from a maintenance perspective the period between late September and early November is the time when tees can be reseeded. We have to accept that and if you are looking at other courses in the area they have the same problem. What is difficult to accept is how Campo manage use of the tees during this period. There is no question about that regular play for handicap adjustment will be restricted during the period, but we are asking for creative planning including temporary tees, roped-off areas of only parts of the tees etc, but so far we see very little planned activities. Perhaps we should also try to understand that we are members of a Spanish golf club. In Spain regular and constant handicap adjustments are not so common and so is the case in some other European countries. Some of our members come from a different culture where regular and constant adjustments are strongly desired.
The Board will continue to focus on the issue and from Monday November 6 we are promised that the tee markers will be in correct positions!

The rules for adjusting your Spanish handicap are clearly described in the document Handicap regulations to be found on our homepage under The Club. An issue that has been discussed the last year is how the results of playing rounds outside of Spain can be used for adjustment of the Spanish handicap. The opinion of our Handicap committee is, that even if the rules published by the Handicap committee of the European Golf Association (EGA) is aiming at having only ONE handicap independant of in which country you are a federated member, the details of how such adjustments should be done are not clear. Our concerns are mainly based on the fact that the opportunity to play handicap adjustment rounds are so very different from country to country, which may result in that one member playing for some time in a country with more or less unlimited possibilities to adjust the handicap, can at the return to Spain adjust the Spanish handicap much more than a member playing only in Spain.
We have therefor in an official letter to EGA asked for guidance, but despite reminders not got any reactions. However, after consulting with the Spanish Golf Federation, we are now issuing the following temporary rules to be followed:
If members of VMGC wants to use results from play outside of Spain to adjust the Spanish handicap, they are welcome to present proof of play to Caddymaster. If the proof results in an increase upwards of not more than 1.5 points per year, the Caddymaster will automatically make the adjustment (no limitation for decrease of handicap downwards). If members request an increase of more than 1.5 points, the Caddymaster is instructed to forward the request to the Club´s handicap committee for decision.
It is our handicap committee´s responsibility to make sure that all our members can compete under equal conditions, therefor this temporary rule. Even if it is not our responsibility, we would like to remind members using this adjustment opportunity, to also use results from play in Spain for adjustments if they are federated members in another country! Fairness is one of the cornerstones in the game of Golf!!

October 14-15 the Club championship was played. Club Champion Men 2017 is Julian Corraliza Canto and Club Champion Ladies 2017 is Manuela Stockli. Congratulations to both of you!
On the second day of this event we also played a Club Stableford Competion with a full field of players. The whole event was like last year sponsored by La Caixa Bank and all players could enjoy great food and drinks after play!
On October 28 the plan was to arrange a Ladies Day including play of ”Solheim Cup”. Unfortunately the entries to the competition was poor so only ”Solheim Cup” was played. The winner was the team ”Rest of the world”, congratulations!
The last Club event this year is ”Ryder Cup” which is going to be played November 19.

Tee times
As said above, November is the worst month when it comes to availability of tee times! In general terms, the situation will not improve. Uptil today this year we have got 27 new members (80 new members the last 3 years) and almost without exceptions a new member today brings an additional Family member!! Furthermore, there are still many Transient shares. With the increase in share prizes that we have seen lately, there is a possibilty of even more active members joining.
The tee time situation is a very serious problem for the Club!
Sometimes you can hear complaints about Campo letting non members (marshals, guests to members etc) play on members tee times. The Board is constantly reminding Campo of that is not allowed. However even wrong, that is not the main problem!
The main problem (exept for the fact that we have too few tee times) is the disloyalty by some members! The rules for monthly reservations of tee times is clearly described in the document ”Rules and Procedures for tee times reservations” to be found on the Club´s homepage. It is easy to find members that are not following the rules, but have too many ”guaranteed” tee times week after week. One problem is that some of those members that are responsible for the reservations are using names in the request for reservation that are not even in Spain or, perhaps worse, intentionally use names that they are aware of have reservations through other groups too.
Another problem is that, in many cases, cancellations of tee times at least 4 days before play is not done. When you are out playing in this busy month, just look around you and see how many flights with 2 or 3 playes you can find!
The Club is using the contractual rights to let Campo manage the reservation process. Caddymaster (mainly José) is doing a great job to allocate requested tee times as fair as possible. However Campo will not agree to control that the requests are following the rules. The Board has recently been critizised for not controlling that rules are followed. It is one thing to know that abusing of rules are going on. But it is a very different thing to in detail control and point at individuals. We have no administrative reources for that and to control it is so much easier if you own the whole booking process. It is in the booking process you lay the ground for that the requests follows the rules!
This Board will recommend the incoming Board to consider that the Club take over the entire tee time process. However, this will add a cost for an administrative resource and is therefor an AGM decision matter.


We have noticed that many members use disabled permissions that are not updated. A permission must be UPDATED EVERY YEAR to be valid. The Marshals are now instructed to confiscate permissions which are not valid for the actual year. New permissions produced from now on will be valid for the rest of 2017 and the hole of 2018. For 2019 a new permit is needed.
The reason for this is that the need for a permit most often is temporary and not permanent. In any case, to get a new permit, please leave a updated doctors MEDICAL CERTIFICATE to the Caddy master.
We have also noticed wreckless buggy driving from a few members, and Disabled driving permissions been handed over to friends not in a need for a permit. This is very illojal and disrepectfull towards the club rules and all members that do their utmost to keep our course in the best possible condition!


Please remember that if you or your family member intend to change your member status for 2018, please inform the club by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible. You can also leave a note in the clum mail box outside the club office.
No need to inform if there will be no changes.


These days we do a major homepage software update and renovation. We have also slightly changed the design to make it more atractive, and hope you like it. The update will also do the work with the homepage much easier for us publishing new information and sending out newsletters.
The update will not affect any log in usernames or passwords.

Thanks for reading it all!

The VMGC Board of Directors


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